Thymus serpyllum »Goldstream«  

60NN  Thymus serpyllum »Goldstream«
1997 GB-02
2008 NL-02
»Low growing, spreading perennial of shrubby growth,
forming a mat of tiny leaves variegated green and gold,
embellished in summer by clusters of pale pink flowers.« (burall floraprint HT 591920)
in  (03/2008)
mit Synonymen: Thymus x citriodorus 'Gold Stream', Thymus 'Goldstream', Thymus praecox 'Goldstream'
in  (03/2008)
in (03/2008):
»Mat forming with prostrate stems. Variegated light green and yellow leaves. Purple-pink flowers.
Earliest known record 1982 Southcombe Gardens, Kenton, Exeter, Devon. 
Given to Mary Robinson of Martin Nest Nurseries by Bill Archer, who either raised or collected it.«

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