Thymus serpyllum »Annie Hall«

6005   Thymus serpyllum »Annie Hall«
Thymian kriechend »Annie Hall«
1995  GB-05
1997  GB-02
2005  GB-01
»A creeping thyme with pale spiky leaves and pale pink flowers.
A good ground cover plant.« (Pflanzenschild Floramedia/UK FGN0113)

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»Mat forming with creeping stems.  Small pale green leaves.  Pale pink flowers.
Earliest known record 1924 Clarence Elliott, Six Hills Nursery, Stevenage, Hertfordshire. 
Introduced by Alva J. Hall, well known nurseryman and early Alpine Garden Society member,
who lived at Victoria Road, Harrogate, Yorkshire. Named after his wife Annie Hall,
who discovered the plant in Yorkshire.«

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