Mentha × villosa Huds. var. alopecuroides (Hull) Briq. Bowles mint

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als: Mentha × villosa var. alopecuroides Bowles mint
(Mentha × villosa Huds. var. alopecuroides (Hull) Briq. Bowles mint)
an accepted name in the RHS Horticultural Database

zum Namen:
villosa (lat.) = haarig
alopecuroides (gr.) = fuchsschwanzartig
Bowles = E[dward] A[ugustus] ('Gussie') Bowles [1865 - 1954] was one of Britain's great gardeners.  His Handbook of Crocus and Colchicum [1924] and the My Garden trilogy [1914ff] are still used by gardeners around the world. And his garden at Myddelton House, Enfield [London], continues to attract many visitors. (aus dem Klappentext zu Hewitt, Bryan: The Crocus King, E.A. Bowles of Myddelton House. Rockingham Press (Ware, UK) 1997.

Mehr über Bowles' Garten, der eine National Collection Of Award-Winning Iris hält, hier:



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