Thymus vulgaris »Silver Posie«


685N  Thymus vulgaris »Silver Posie«
Thymian »Silver Posie«
Provenienz: 2008 D-50
2007 NL-01
1997 GB-05
»The white-edged evergreen leaves of this neat, bushy shrub have a silvery appearance
and are strongly aromatic and often used in bouquets garni (...) Abundant mauve-pink flowers (...)«

Pflanzenschild burall floraprint HT 59200000
in  (09/2007):
in  (09/2007)
in (09/2007):
»Bushy shrub.  Silver variegated thyme scented leaves.  Mauve flowers. 
Earliest known record 1961 Blooms of Bressingham.«

zum Namen: wohl von »posy« (engl.) = Blumenstrauß
Blätter: weißbunt
Duft/Geschmack: »Silver Posie« hat den klassisch-herben Thymianduft!
Sonstiges: bei unter Thymus, Plant portraits, Thymus vulgaris »Silver Queen«, Nomenclature:
»There are also two silver variegated bushy thymes, one of which is lemon scented and the other thyme scented, but which are otherwise practically identical.  The former is regarded as a cultivar of Thymus citriodorus and given the name 'Silver Queen', and the latter is known as T. vulgaris 'Silver Posie' because it smells of thyme.  Quite obviously this is not a satisfactory determination of species.«


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